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Oasis was established in 1986 in the Algarve. With headquarters in Faro. We started our business in the sector of construction of pools and tennis courts. Shortly after, and due to the technical training of our staff, we decided to move into the sector of construction of bioclimatic houses.

In our third decade in the sector of civil construction in the Algarve, Oasis is a safe bet for the realization of your projects.

Villas and Houses

We build bioclimatic houses which save you money and make your home healthier, more comfortable and durable. The diversity of our constructions are proof of the trust our company enjoys.


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Oasis builds totally customized pools and works on the project until the moment the pool is ready for use. The models are very varied and the only limit is your imagination.


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Tennis Courts

Oasis' tennis courts and multisport complexes use modern construction techniques with several types of floors which will make your plays worthy of champions. 


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Obtained the Title of Specialist in Bioclimatic Design / Construction.


Obtained the Title of Specialist in Integration of Thermal, Structural and Industrial Engineering in the Design / Production of Energy-Efficient Pools.

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Praia da Galé - Reabilitação de Moradia - 2011

Praia da Galé - Piscina Aquecida, com Cobertura Automática - 2011

My Center - Campo de Ténis, Piscina Coberta e Aquecida - Montenegro - Faro, 2011


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OASIS Piscinas
(Faro (Sé e São Pedro))
Faro - Oasis

Avenida 5 Outubro 7-r/c-F
8000-077 FARO
( Faro (Sé e São Pedro) )
289 813 230